A Word For 2012 – A Year Of Choice

A Word For 2012 – A Year Of Choice.

There will be much to choose from this year. If you’re looking to be offended, you’ll have endless opportunities. If you want to criticize someone else, your desires will be filled with plenty to choose from. If you fall easily into negative thinking, no one can stop your descent. It takes deliberate exercise to turn our minds to what is pure, holy, and good. It takes a conscious decision to fill our thoughts with what is right, rather than what is natural. It takes a higher, more noble mind to bless what has offended us, or sincerely pray for whoever has outraged us.

These are the criterion God looks for when He defines maturity. Ministry, gifts or positions mean nothing. It is our choice, and our character, deliberately formed into alignment with God’s nature that will determine our true spiritual authority. Continue reading A Word For 2012 – A Year Of Choice

What About Those Prophetic Words?

Picture of Eagle and LighthouseThere is a concern these days pertaining to the number of people who have received prophetic words which do not come to pass. It has been responsible for the disappointment and discouragement of many – even some who leave the faith because they decide if God cannot keep these promises, why should they believe in Him any longer? Often these words bring division, as they do not bring agreement or blessing from those in true spiritual covering over the person.

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