A Word For 2012 – A Year Of Choice

A Word For 2012 – A Year Of Choice.

There will be much to choose from this year. If you’re looking to be offended, you’ll have endless opportunities. If you want to criticize someone else, your desires will be filled with plenty to choose from. If you fall easily into negative thinking, no one can stop your descent. It takes deliberate exercise to turn our minds to what is pure, holy, and good. It takes a conscious decision to fill our thoughts with what is right, rather than what is natural. It takes a higher, more noble mind to bless what has offended us, or sincerely pray for whoever has outraged us.

These are the criterion God looks for when He defines maturity. Ministry, gifts or positions mean nothing. It is our choice, and our character, deliberately formed into alignment with God’s nature that will determine our true spiritual authority. Obedience is a key word this year.


God is not impressed with fame. He looks on those who have a humble and contrite heart, and for those who tremble at, and obey His word. To those people, His ear will be always open. Great people will come to the forefront and accomplish much in spiritual realms, as God delegates His true authority, but they may not be the ones most visible to the public eye. They will be the ones who have fought in private, who have conquered in the most difficult battleground – that of the mind, where no one sees but God, who have learned obedience through what they have suffered, endured and overcome.

This is what defines greatness in God’s eyes, and He alone will open positions of true influence when He determines we are ready.

This is not an easy road. It involves laying down our own hopes, dreams and desires – our pride, in order to find that which is so much greater. The Lord is offering this hope, and this opportunity this year – to choose and establish who we will serve, and deliberately decide to align with His Word.

Bodily exercise profits minimally. Self-promotion nets self-position, but those who choose to love God above anything else, and who have exercised their mind by repeatedly choosing to do what is right will be the true spiritual giants – able to move mountains and accomplish great things – in His will. They will have their deepest longings fulfilled, in their chosen relationship with the Lord, but it will come at a cost. The first and greatest commandment remains the first and greatest priority, and the one by which God will gauge the genuine-ness of our heart. He will not force, but He is carefully watching.

It is our choice to decide who and what becomes our love. He is openly inviting us to choose Him!

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