In The Beginning, God Made – Everything – – – And Where Do I Fit?

the-creation-1024x852Okay, so let’s have a ten second Bible study:

In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.

My first, second and third point, , “In the beginning, God created…”

In closing, “In the beginning, God created…”

Ta-daaaa! Your Sunday sermon,  complete.

I’ve heard multiple messages reminding me that, “In the beginning, God.”  In other words, He was always there.  Okay, I get that.  But what did He do in the beginning?  Well, He created.   And what a creation it was too!

Later, when He set His sights on creating mankind, He said, “Let’s make man in our own image, after our likeness.”

An image, according to the Hebrew translation in this verse, is a resemblance, and a representative figure. A likeness,  is also a resemblance. Did you know you were created to be a resemblance and a representative figure –  of God?   Wow. That bumps you right up  into the category of a masterpiece, right?  A Master-piece.

You were created by the Master Designer to resemble Him, and represent Him.

Would that make you worth something?  Priceless, in fact?

So, if God created, and you were made in His image to resemble Him, and represent Him, what are you creating,  in your world?

You might argue and say, “Oh, I’m not one of those artistic types. Not creative at all…”

However, we all create something, every day, in the sphere of our own giftings and desires. Perhaps you are a superb organizer. What kind of visions to you see, plans do you make, and projects do you create. How do you resemble God along the way? Do you plow down anyone who opposes you, or do you accomplish that project with grace and love, fitting as a representative of God?

What about in your personal interactions?  Do you create something whereby your mate, your family,  your co-workers or friends say, ” I see our relationship, and it is good!”

What about the statements and conversations you create with those around you? Created thoughts become words, which become actions, which become destinies. The Bible says we create  and change history with our words. (James 3:6) God has given you the awesome power of creating thoughts, words, actions,  and destinies.

Romans 12:2 reminds us to transform our actions by renewing our mind. Our thoughts control our mind. In the results of our thoughts, and subsequent words to each other, our minds will change, our words will create life, and we will see, by what we create into reality,  whether we have been a fitting representative of God.

In other words, what happened when you spoke, and when you took action? Good results, or negative consequences?

Ouch, that seems like a lot of responsibility, but…

A Masterpiece is not made to look -or act – like trash.

A Masterpiece is made as a superb exhibit, all in itself. It doesn’t have to showcase, showboat or show off. It is an outstanding, irreplaceable, magnificent,  beautiful gift to the world, made to be seen and appreciated, and valued by all.  It has a job, and a responsibility to represent – and point to – it’s Creator.

And so you are made to be all this, and not doubt your dignity and worth. You, as a created masterpiece of God, are made in His resemblance, and made as His representative.

Whether you know your giftings yet, doubt your background, dislike yourself or your circumstances, or,  despair for your future, you still occupy a place God has set individually for you alone, and all the healing you need is available to deal with your setbacks, and progress into your destiny, because you were first created to occupy the place of a Masterpiece. 

And that gives you a unique value, and an individual place that no one else can fill.