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To Sing Or not To Sing

nativityTo Sing Or Not To Sing

Okay, so I’ll admit to being perplexed.

In Christian circles there is much controversy about the way and the time that the birth of Christ is acknowledged. Some people joyfully celebrate December 25th as the day. Others are more doubtful as to the real time. Still others are downright oppositional,  citing Dec. 25th as nothing more than an attempt to hybrid-ize a heathen and Christian celebration- a political maneuver by the ancient emperor Constantine to gain brownie-points and strengthen his own kingdom.

I’ll make a few observations as I watch these (sometimes) polite, but pointed opinions hurling back and forth:


#1 – Battle lines are drawn: Those FOR Dec 25th Celebration / Those AGAINST Dec 25th Celebration

What is the prize?

That’s right, you read correctly.  What do both sides hope to gain by this debate?

If truth is the issue, the debate is not accomplishing its purpose. Both sides have their convictions.


#2- While the debate is roiling around, our culture merrily sips Peppermint Lattes, gets pickled at parties, goes frantic baking sugary detriments, paints on gobs of bling, and beseeches Santa Claus (not God) for what they want.

Does anyone in the Christian community notice the Godly advantage we used to have at this time of year is narrowing?

Where is our focus?


#3- Is the Day as important as the One we celebrate?

Can we stop forcing our opinions on anyone who’s not listening anyways, and start realizing what further division we are promoting against a Christianity, which,  in case no one has noticed,  is already taking considerable hits.

It has been well said that Christians are the only group that kills their wounded. I have observed we also CAUSE our wounded, due to a most un-Godly omission.

We forget that it’s all about love, forgiveness,  redemption and reconciliation.

What did Jesus come to accomplish?

To triumph over the forces of evil by the most evincing display anyone could offer – the laying down of His life for the saving of a lost and broken world.

Again I ask, where is our focus?

If God IS love, then what are we?

Love is not an event, or a prize to offer those who best please us. Love is a lifestyle.


Love is a conscious decision to pattern ourselves after the One who gave us everything we have, we are, or we could ever be.

Love is a Person, and He came to give His all for humanity, and asks us to do the same.

December 25th, or some other day?


I believe God asks us for a Higher focus. It’s called Love.