Christine has worked in the church for over three decades, as an accomplished musician, teacher, worship leader, pastor, counsellor and prophetic voice. She has seen many religious trends come and go, and seen many people come and go, both in leadership and in laity.
Where is the power of God to heal these people?  Why do so many leave the church hurt, confused, abused?  Why do many suffer with unanswered questions, undealt with issues, stuffed with religion and hypocrisy, but starving for real relationship with God?
Christine has a real heart for these people, to see them healed, restored, and renewed in hope. She herself has suffered – and learned many valuable lessons through her experiences within the religious system. Today, she wants to see God’s Holy Spirit, His truth and love allowed to abound where He should – in the lives of those who are searching for reality, and relationship with Him.
God is not about religion. He is about reality, relationship, truth and love.
He wants to become a real part of real people’s lives, everywhere, everyday – not just a Sunday church entity restrained between four walls.
This site is simply an outworking of God’s process, His healing, restoration, teaching and growth in her own life. Please feel free to comment.

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