Word For 2013 – A Call To Action

Word For 2013
A Call To Action

What are you expecting is going to happen to you this year? Are you expecting great things, or are you prepared for things to go wrong on a continual basis? Do you see a pattern of things, people, places, events not progressing as they should? Do you want to see this pattern changed?
Here is the first step in changing your destiny – to stop calling normal what has been abnormal all along.
It is time for you to stop believing yourself weak, or beyond change. This is not who I have made you to be, but a lie of the enemy who wishes to destroy you.
You look at other people and their circumstances, and hold them in high regard to the point of jealousy, You want what they have, but you do not want to do the work of change to get it.
This year will be a year of change and favour for those who will meet the works of change with gladness and courage. It will be a year of hard choices, as old patterns are undone and new fruit begins to emerge. The new may look strange and unwelcome at first, because you associate it with the pain of breaking new habits, and you do not know what to do with the new results.
It will be a year of learning new skills with those who embrace their new destiny. For it will be a year of destiny change – for those who have the determination to meet the challenges.
This will be difficult at first, as the old clashes with the new, but for those who will persist, resolute in their decision, many new and wonderful things will begin to happen. Your mindset will change first, as you begin to see what you have been trapped in all along. Your confidence in Me will change, as you realize I have spoken truth to you all along, and I have wanted the best for you all along. What you have not believed possible will begin to happen before your eyes, and suddenly the sacrifice you make will connect with success and joy.
Then the rewards will be great, as the right things you have longed for – indeed longings I have put in you from the beginning – will start coming to pass.
For I am the God who works all things together for good, to those who love Me – to those who obey My commandments, My principles, and My ways. However, do not wait any longer for good to pursue you. It is waiting for you to run after it, to catch it, and not let go.
I draw near to those who draw near to Me. My blessings pursue those who pursue Me and My ways. We have compromised for too long, wanting the blessings without the commitment – attempting to blend the ways of the flesh with My ways. This must stop, if you are to see the holiness, the purity, and the glory of God.
This compromise is the spirit of the world. It encompasses a lying, deceptive spirit which seeks to bring you into a state of thinking that believes one can do what is evil and still name the name of the Lord. It lulls one into a state of unbelief, saying the words which the enemy has used since the beginning of the world, “Has God really said…No. God did not really say that.”
This is a day for those who will stand firm and say, “Yes, my God really did say that, and I choose to stand and operate my life in His truth!”
It is a day of firm action, and hard choices. It is the day where My true soldiers will pick up their arms and declare themselves to the Captain of their salvation. It is a day where the weak will begin to say, “I am strong – in the righteousness, and the enablement of God. I have nothing in my flesh, but I have everything in Him”
It is a day where battle lines are drawn, and people choose whose side they will fight for. It is a time where My righteousness will be declared, and fought for, by those who choose to fight on My side.
It is a time when sweeping changes will begin to occur – in the lives of those who choose to fight, in My church, and in the world.
It is a time, when the biggest battles will be fought in the minds of those who have been ensnared. But I the Lord am rich in mercy, and strong to support those who fight for what is right. I will be the shelter and the strength you need at this time – as you believe Me to be your shelter and your strength.
For I will not force this choice on you or on anyone, but know that there will be multitudes in the valley of decision this year, as the lines will be drawn.
Therefore your choice will become apparent, simply by the actions, or inaction you take. There is no middle ground, Even compromise is a choice.
Remember, I stand willing to save any who will call upon My name. I want to see all things work together for good to those who love Me and are the called according to My purpose. Do not doubt if you are called, for if you have any concern whatsoever, you are called. I live to intercede for you, to watch over you, and to call you to come forward. The changes will not be easy, for any training is meant to test the resolve of it’s student, but I promise you, the momentary pain will give way to rich rewards in My kingdom, and great joy. I promise you close fellowship with Me, as you push in with resolve to know Me more. I will not leave you alone in this process, and if you choose to fight for what is right, I will fight alongside you, for I want your success even more than you do.
Do not look to the left or to the right, to see what others around are doing. They have their decision to make also, but everyone’s choice must be independently made.
2013 is a year, not for just the resolve, but for the action. I will look to see those who have connected their decision to their deeds.
It is a year when many things you thought were immoveable will shift – even those things of the earth and of the heavens.
I am looking for a people who will only change in one thing – to move from the old ways into My ways. I am calling those who will stand un-moveable in My ways, that as all around us is shifting and changing, these people will stand firm – in Me, and for Me.
Much is dependent on your choices in the year ahead. Do not underestimate the far- reaching power of the small choices you make for righteousness, as you stand firm in them.
It is time to decide.
– December 29, 2012

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